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Drop Off or Delivery

By popular demand the following offers are designed for those who don't feel full service is what they are looking for. Typically Groups under fifty people looking to self-serve our old school Smoked Meats and Home Style fresh made side dishes, this is perfect for casual buffet dining. Chamber mixers, office drop offs, pharmaceutical reps, graduations, pool parties, Packers games and so on. Everything you need to eat great and look good will dropped off at your location hot & ready to go or cold with reheating instructions. We include all the necessary plates, napkins, silverware, condiments and will even set it up if you are ready.

Equipment to keep the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold is available to purchase or rent. Ask for details.

Delivery fees may apply.

Pit Mater BBQ Feast Drop-Off Special

Here's how it works.
Invite your friends; guess how many are coming because they probably will not RSVP if you ask them too. Pick a date, select your meats, choose your sides, and give us a call (At least one week in advance). We will arrange to drop off exactly what you ordered, on time.
The per pound rate INCLUDES enough bread and side dishes for THREE PEOPLE PER POUND. Plates, napkins, silverware, bbq sauce are included as well as the service bowls, aluminum pans,tongs and or spoons.
Build your own BBQ Feast
$26.00 Per Pound ($8.66 per person)
Figure 6oz. per person
(Heavy eaters figure at least 8oz. per person)
Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken

Choose from our delicious slow smoked meats and poultry hand rubbed (I know that may sound weird) with our proprietary rubs and spices that go into everything we do. Smoked over 18 hours our meats are full of flavor. Our signature BBQ sauce is presented on the side. Served with your choice of 2 sides and 1 bread.

Choose from: Buttered Parsley Potato's, Cowboy Beans, 3-BAR Baked Beans, Texas Sweet Coleslaw, Tossed Ranch Salad, Cesar Salad, Fresh Fruit Salad, Honey Butter Biscuits, assorted baked dinner rolls or Aunt Hattie's Fancy Seeded Buns for sandwich building.
Our "Almost famous" Cobblers $2 pp
(Ordered in batches of 25 same flavor)
Peach, Apple Raisin, Apple Cinnamon, Pineapple Walnut, Pineapple
#1  St. Louie Ribs $65.00

3 Slabs of Ribs
1 Quart Bar-B-Que Sauce
12 Honey Buttered Biscuits

This package will feed up to 6 hungry eaters if the slabs are cut in half or they can be cut into thirds if additional items are being served.
#2  St. Louie Ribs $45.00

2 Slabs of Ribs
1 Quart Bar-B-Que Sauce
9 Honey Buttered Biscuits
All ribs are Vacuum Sealed.
#3  Rack Attack $195.00

10 Slabs of Ribs
2 Quart Bar-B-Que Sauce
24 Honey Buttered Biscuits

This package will feed up to 20. All ribs are Vacuum Sealed.
#4  Texas Throw Down $208.00

10 Slabs of Ribs
2 Quart Bar-B-Que Sauce
24 Honey Buttered Biscuits

Coleslaw & additional meat can be added to any package, ask about pricing.
Full service for parties over fifty people. Call for pricing
pork butts for pulled pork
Beef Brisket & Pulled Pork
#5  Pounds of Pork $65.00

6 LBS. Pulled Pork Shoulder
1 Quart Bar-B-Que Sauce
18 Seeded Buns or Honey Butter Biscuits

This package features 3 individually sealed pounds of pork. You can feed 18-20 people using the entire order at once or take a couple pounds out and freeze the rest for later use.
#6  3 Pounder of Pork $35.00

1 Quart of Bar-B-Q Sauce
12 Seeded Buns
#7  Beef Brisket

Pounds of Beef $75.00 (feeds 18-20)
6 Pounds of Beef
1 Quart of Bar-B-Q Sauce
18 Seeded Buns
Our lean beef brisket is slowly smoked over Mesquite Hardwood giving it a unique-robust flavor. Our briskets are hand trimmed, hand rubbed and sliced thin to melt in your mouth.
#8  3 Pounder of Beef $40.00

3 lbs. of Beef Brisket
1 Quart of Bar-B-Q Sauce
12 seeded Buns

#9  Taste of Texas w/ Pork $40.00
#10  Taste of Texas w/ Beef $50.00

1 slab of Ribs
1 LB. Pork Shoulder or Beef Brisket
16 Ounces Bar-B-Que Sauce
6 Honey Buttered Biscuits or seeded buns
This package is a great value because it gives the recipient a taste of our most popular products. This package will serve 3-4 people as a tasting or 2-3 as a meal. The slab can be cut in half or thirds and the smoked meat will make 4-5 sandwiches depending on how large you make them.
#11  Ultimate Taste of Texas w/ Pork $65.00
#12  Ultimate Taste of Texas w/ Beef $75.00
#13  Ultimate Taste of Texas w/ Chicken $65.00

1 Slab of Ribs
1 LB. Pork Shoulder or Beef Brisket
2 quarts Cowboy Beans
1 Quart Bar-B-Que Sauce
6 Honey Buttered Biscuits
Half Pan Peach or Apple Cobbler (feeds 25)
This is our most popular small package because it gives the recipients our "almost famous" Cowboy Beans AND Cobbler. All they need to add is coleslaw and buns for a true taste of Texas. This package will serve approximately 3-4 people.

Additional Items available:
Chaffing dishes, Table Cloths, Sterno Fuel
Terms & Conditions for Drop Off or Delivery
1) Deposit: The Wild Bunch! Requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of balance due when order is placed. Remaining balance due upon delivery. The Wild Bunch! accepts cash, check or credit card.
2) Delivery: Delivery is INCLUDED within a 10-mile one-way radius from Cave Creek. A flat fee of Twenty-Five $25. Dollars will buy up to an additional 10 miles. Caterer will deliver your food as ordered. (Hot or Cold) and set up buffet for client at no additional cost as long as client is "ready" to accept delivery in a timely manner.
3) Service Fees: There are no service fees attached to this offer. Tax will be charged.
4) Servers: If customer feels, they need full service the following charges will apply. Servers pay rate is $34. Per hour, per server with a Five (5) hour minimum. One server per 25 guests is required. Client can expect clean responsive servers that will set up, take down, clean up and pick up after guests including taking out the garbage. They are not there for gardening, clothes washing, and dish washing nor do they do windows. However, you can expect service!
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