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Beverage Services

Wild Bunch Catering offers several inexpensive options regarding "Hydration".

1. Basic Service...Ice Tea & Pink Lemonade can be added to any meal for only $1.50 per person and is kept fully stocked through entire time of buffet service. For an additional $1.50 we will throw in an assortment of Ice Cold Canned Sodas and Bottled Water. Yes, we provide the Cups, Ice, Ice bins, storage tubs and everything else you'll need for this basic beverage service

2. Off-Site Alcohol Service...Wild Bunch Catering proudly supports the efforts of Dave Foreman and his crew at Pour Masters. One of Arizona's oldest and most respected off-site beverage service companies. Visit their website at www.pourmasters.com for all their packages and pricing. Make an intelligent decision about your alcohol service and hire a professional with a trained staff and insurance to cover your butt. If after rreviewing their website you would like Wild Bunch Catering to make your arrangements and roll it into your proposal just let us know.

3. "Cowboy" Coffee and regular coffee service...add $1.25 per person or $8.00 per gallon. Available in coffee boxes, thermal air pots or large dispensers.
  • Decaf available...but why?
  • About our "Cowboy" Coffee: Cowboy coffee is a tool. We brew ours just like they did 100 years ago. It is usually Columbian and always strong. We also provide necessary cups, stir sticks, non-dairy creamer, sugar and sweet & low.
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